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Would you like your homeschool to be an inspiring and fun place to learn?

If this sounds great…


Hi, I’m Cathie...

I help moms turn their homeschool into an inspiring learning space for their children and the entire family.

Whether you’re new to homeschool - or have been doing it for years - we help make homeschool an easier and more exciting educational experience for everyone.

I can transform your homeschool into a relaxed and inspiring learning environment. And I can show you how to become a more effective homeschool teacher!

You can definitely do this. I’m here to help.


The Success For Homeschool Moms Course

Become your child’s favorite teacher!

If you are new to homeschool and feel lost - or have done homeschool for years, but feel that something is missing... the right guidance can make all the difference.

Do you want to unlock your child’s full learning potential?

Our program provides homeschool teaching strategies and personal guidance so you can give your child the homeschool experience they deserve.


Kind words from other moms I’ve helped...

"Cathie is a true expert when it comes to homeschooling. I couldn't do it without her help! Keeping everyone on track is hard enough, now I don't stress like before."

- Alley Thomas

"Wow! Little Red Homeschool is a literal goldmine. So much great stuff here that helps me and my family get schoolwork done."

- Donna Smith

"With all the changes at school lately, I decided it was safer to keep the kiddos home. Cathie's guidance has given us the confidence to homeschool our daughters."

- Samantha Jenkins

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